Friday, 19 September 2014

Life is what life does...

The response following the launch of this blog has been incredible. I found myself overwhelmed with the positive feedback and the compassionate offerings, firstly from people whom I do not know personally who may have found themselves in a similar emotional situation and also from people close to me who may not have been aware of such goings on in my life.

My aim in servicing the blog will collate with memories of spontaneity and honest thinking. My choice is to publish mixed thoughts of relevance from younger years and now, as opposed to a chronological layout of every incident I may deem either vexing or inspirationally life affirming.
I previously highlighted two major contributors reasoning my self-consciousness, fear and doubt in personal development as a teenager and to move forward several years, I will now share two of my lowest moments.

Heavy blurts of darkness in a hollow pit of terminal concession. Thoughts of endgame. Want for escape. Plans for suicide.   

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