Monday, 11 May 2015

Passports & rainshine; no map required

The squeaking surplus, washed up under soles sobbing and unstopped. The dribble of storm, silent streams twine down two legs truly bare. Grey knee-cut breeches remain crisp to one side, the facing pattern clime conquered and darkened. A blue tee sags not kindly; brimful in heavy clam, humid in disturbance against pale skin beneath.
A stance now open, but plain to see unmoved. Both arms bow outward, a wranglers pose most stiffened, caught still in wetted form.
The relieving wheeze, testament to shelter now found below a concrete umbrella. The hut giving disguise in cultured degree; tieback bamboo, vague necessities, petals blooming in multi-coloured tango. The floor once silver, withered now it fades; collective with the ‘welcome’ mat forsaken to lower limbs that stride in purpose to nowhere.
The accession. The arrival. A thriving hub. The chalked walls stand uneven, splendid in the grasp of directionally obtuse vines, mashed green in upward spirals. To the fore a daybed, caped and grooved. Angled central but since shifted, the settee for stopgap community when strangers meet to announce. Sound bites are subtle; selected euphony bridles affection, the hustling voyagers appease in rising maunders. Liberation in heralded acquaintances never before known, never known thereafter. The uncounted amble in and back out, careless avenues in adventure from ad hoc itineraries around the world.
The host he slouches, downward buoyantly. Smiling, most handsome. Gentle in his formed triangle. The hulky upper-bows to resting forearms with fingers intertwined, inked and bulging. Giant hands together pressed soft against the unspoiled lectern, a wooden bridge of welcome and goodbyes. Normality in commotion, he sterns a chaffed face. I watch. Teaspoon cheekbones, cobbled and sun bruised, high and brooding above hammock lips showing perfect enamel.
The blanched stanchion holds aloft my imperfections. A position protected, away from summer cloudburst. Mouthing squirms. Head nods. Signals in understanding to the latest washed up on the tiled shore. Further swash from the heavy sky fall definitely copious and stifling. Fenced within comforting restlessness. Temporary insanity grows. Fervour meeting flavour. The spice of day long enterprise. Nostrils sing over close upon shoulders, lacklustre sun lotion and the tang of required bathing.
Babbles. Eruptions. Red-skinned and singing. A gala moves smiling. Touring to and fro, an obscure blockade they vibrate. Heartbeats. Handhelds. Sandals. Sunshades. The pulsing traffic. Silent in solitude, my feelings still and comfortably complacent. The mindful indulgence disturbed. A sauntering eye catch. Recognition.
My stomach whistles. The doubting calculation behind the consistent stream. People left, people right, crowds prosper in amongst a flourished lobby. Rising certainty. It has to be? A blatant joist, beaming white like these pages I write. I see the person just near; same shirt, same smile. The excitement it simmers. Come onward the affirmation: ‘Go far and go wide, it’s all to play for living’.

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